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We are serious about environmental sustainability. We have strict product quality monitoring processes in place to help improve product specification requirements while reducing product and manufacturing waste.

Shipping & Storage

Shipping frozen dough is an efficient and economical way to supply quality bread dough to in-store bakeries across the country. Frozen dough requires less space for transportation and on-site storage compared to par-baked or fully baked frozen bread products.

We are committed to sourcing fresh local ingredients from suppliers who are as close to home as possible. Rogers Mill, for example, ships prairie grain by rail to its Armstrong facility where they then mill into flour and send to our plant – which is less than 5 km away.

Reduced Food Waste

With our frozen dough products, in-store bakeries can calculate production requirements right down to the last bun or loaf. For our customers this means better inventory control and no over baking.

Our frozen dough brings consistency in formulation, product shape, size, and weight. Why is this important? Less chance of error or poor finished results causing unnecessary product shrinkage.

Reduced Plant Waste

Reducing dough/ingredient waste is top priority however there is always some product waste generated. Compostable waste is separated and sent to a nearby facility (SPA Hills Composting). All cardboard and paper products are recycled. We use energy-efficient LED lighting to reduce energy consumption. Our hot water is supplied by an energy efficient “on demand” hot water system. Our waste treatment system further reduces the impact on the environment.

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