General Handling Instructions

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Product Handling Information

There are three basic steps to handling frozen dough. Thaw, proof, and bake. However each of these steps does require some important handling procedures to be successful.

  • 1. Thawing product correctly

    • Product must be broke out onto silicone-lined pans or lightly oil sprayed pans.
    • Product must be properly covered with a plastic cover to prevent drying out in the cooler.
    • Product must be in the cooler to thaw for 12-16 hrs (Cooler Temp 2-5° C)
  • 2. Proofing product

    • Remove product from the cooler and any products requiring value added toppings or reshaping must be handled at this time. Tip: A light spray of water over product being topped will help toppings stick to product. (Scoring product at this time is a possibility but you get a much better appearance scoring product after it has proofed)
    • Product should be left on the floor to start to warm the dough. (15-20min)
    • Product is then put into a proofer with a temperature of 90-100° F. (45-60min) depending on shop conditions.
    • Product should be in the proofer until it has reached about 2-3 times its original size.
    • Proofing times will vary greatly from one shop to another so fine-tuning your times will be crucial to proofing correctly. Temperature changes from the changing seasons (summer and winter) will also affect your results. Always watch your results and be ready to make the appropriate adjustments.
  • 3. Baking product

    • Before putting product into the oven score product that needs to be scored. Tip: When you remove product from the proofer giving it some time on the floor will put a slight skin on the product and make it easier to score. Tip: Leaving products with grains or other particulates (Raisins, Cheese, etc) on the floor 5-10mins before baking will help give these products more volume.
    • Baking at 350° F is a recommended temperature but check your oven temperature, as every oven is different. Tip: Some ovens require rotation of pans mid way through bake to get an even bake.
    • Bread takes about (30-35min) – Buns take about (15-22min).

Note: All shop conditions and equipment are different so use this information as a guideline only.

Be sure equipment is in good working order:

  • Cooler should be from 2-5°C
  • Proofer should be 90-100°C with humidity at 86-90%. There should be sweating on the walls of the proofer if the humidity is correct.
  • Oven temperature should be approximately 350°C and if the oven has steam check that it is working correctly.

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