Announcing 3 New Signature Products

OK Frozen Dough is very pleased to announce 3 New “Signature” Products: Rustic Ranch Bread, Rustic Ranch Buns, and Cranberry Chocolate Chip Buns.

As today’s consumer is looking for breads and rolls that help elevate their home cooking experience, our Rustic Ranch Bread and Buns will have your customers coming back for more. By combining honey, dark cocoa powder, and molasses to create a unique flavor profile, the Rustic Ranch line-up compliments a wide variety of menu creations from favorite sandwiches to the ultimate gourmet BBQ bun.

Our Cranberry Chocolate Chip Bun, a combination of cranberries, raisins, and chocolate chips, will appeal to a broad range of consumers looking for a sweet bun with rich flavors and ingredients. If there was ever a modern traditional bun in the making, the Cranberry Chocolate Chip Bun is it.

Our new product line up will be showcased at Bakery Congress 2017 booth # 109 in Vancouver April 23 &24th 2017.